Chequing services today offer a whole lot more than simply providing the opportunity to pay for goods and services or access funds by writing a cheque. Whether you want basic, no frills chequing or a combination of chequing and other frequently used services, Acadian Credit Union can satisfy all of your financial needs. We also offer line of credit overdraft protection on approved credit.

Your Chequing 

Ideal for your day-to-day financial needs with pay-as-you-go transaction fees and low monthly fee. 

Your Chequing 15

Transact a little. You make only a few transactions each month. You enjoy simplified record keeping. You value the simplicity and relative savings of a low monthly fee.

Your Chequing 40

Transact a lot. On average, you do one transaction per day, with a few extra on the weekend. You need a package that provides for a variety of your day-to-day financial needs, while giving you the most for your dollar.

Your Chequing Unlimited

Transact without limits. You want the ultimate in convenience with the most complete account features we offer.

Your Electronic Chequing

 Transact electronically. You want access to your accounts, anytime, anywhere, using Self-Service options.

Your US$ Chequing

You aren't bound by borders. You deal regularly in US$ currency. You want to avoid the hassles and costs of exchanging money. You need an account to manage your US$ funds.